Thursday, May 6, 2010

Project: Create a line of dresses, Status: sample 1 complete

Since I'm not working in an environment that requires sewing right now, I thought it most necessary to find an outlet for some of my creative unrest. I find that without realizing it, if I'm unproductive and uncreative for any extended period of time; I unwittingly slump into a state of depression, or rather, at least mild agitation. This was quite evident from January to March. Henceforth...the dress project:

Create a full size run of 50's apron inspired dresses complete with pockets, couture stitching details, and unique trims to be sold...somewhere, at some point, for some money.

This is the first one. I painted the fabric myself and I'm keeping it.



  1. The gray shapes on the back are in just the right spot. I love the upper back detailing. I look forward to seeing the dresses as they come.

  2. The dress is beyond amazing! Love back details and love the paint you made!