Monday, April 25, 2011

One Talented Lady

I went to school at CCAD with a girl named Emily Rickard. At this last art sale I finally bought one of her pieces after much admiration at Art Sales past. It's just a tiny collage, but some day when I make more money I intend to buy more of her work before she gets famous and I really can't afford it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today I love yellow

Brady and I are moving into a new apartment (we're really really excited about it.) It is about double the size of our current apartment so we've been on the hunt for new things to organize the stuff we currently have and old things, like furniture at the thrift store that we can loving fix up for cheap. Design sponge is always a huge inspiration. I am fascinated by the destroyed furniture that people manage to turn into designer pieces with a can of spray paint and some Amy Butler fabric....

Anyway, our new apartment comes painted light yellow. It's sort of a buttercup yellow with white trim so I've been looking for creative ways to accent without painting the walls and while searching Apartment Therapy I learned that I LOVE YELLOW.